6 Month subscription

6 Month subscription

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6 month subscription allows to save more! This box comes out to $14.99/ month instead of $16.99 with one payment of $89.94 What you'll get is a selection of teas packed in ziplock pouches crafted by our master blender.

30 - 40 Servings


You also have the Tin option comes with around 50 servings of tea, 100 biodegradable filter brew bags so you can infuse your tea on the go and a tea measuring scoop. Please note that the tin & scoop are only included in your first shipment, if you want a new tin or an extra measuring spoon afterward, you can add them separately and they will be added to your first box. This option is priced at $120 and gives you an extra 10 servings per refill plus the initial accessories 

50 Servings