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Montreal, QC, H2T

Puretea wholesale suppliers & distribution in Montreal for organic loose leaf teas and retail packaging, organic teas, Ayurvedic blends, matcha & botanicals. cafes, restaurants, hotels, specialty grocery stores, health food stores, yoga studios and spas, in Montreal, Canada & the United states.

Puretea fournisseur de thé bio, distribution en gros et vente au détail de thés en feuilles et tisanes biologogiques, matcha, tisanes en feuilles, pour les cafés, restaurants, hotels, épiceries fines, yoga et spas, partout à Montréal, Canada et aux États-unis. 

Bai Mu Dan

White Tea | Thé blanc

White tea is comprised of new, young tea leaves and buds from the camellia sinensis plant and is only harvested for a few weeks each spring in the northern district of Fujian, China.

The leaves are generally picked in mid-March to early April and only on days when it is not rainy or humid. Just like champagne, white tea can only be called “white tea” if it comes from the Fujian province. White tea gets its name from a silvery type down that covers the leaves and unopened buds, known as “Hao.”

Bai Mu Dan


Bai Mu Dan

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*Pai mu tan or traditionally pronounced "Bai mu dan"

*Pai mu tan ou traditionnellement prononcé « Bai mu dan »


 One of the most delicate teas, picked between the months of March and April, this tea has a mild taste and a delicate floral aroma. It's packed with antioxidants while having the lowest caffeine content.

 Récolté entre mars et avril, ce thé est parmi les plus délicats. Concentré d’antioxydants et presque dépourvu de caféine, il révèle un arôme subtil et floral.


Water temperature: 175-185°F 

Caffeine content: Low

Steep time: 3-5 minutes

Suggested serving size: 1 tsp/8oz-12oz



Température de l’eau : de 82 °C à 85 °C

Intensité en caféine : Faible

Temps d’infusion : de 3 à 5 minutes

Dosage : 1 cuillère à thé par tasse


Ingredient: White tea

Ingrédient : Thé blanc


* All the ingredients used are organic.

* Tous les ingrédients utilisés sont biologiques.